YouTubers Lauren Dascalo and Daisy Keech Spend The Whole Day Nude To Prank Public

Two YouTube stars reported what happened when they chose to go through 24 hours stripped – and even went to the grocery store:

In the video – which was recorded a year ago – buddies Lauren Dascalo and Daisy Keech go on an outing to the general store to get a few goods in the buff, leaving individual clients gobsmacked.

Reporting their shameless arrangement in the video, the pair clarify, ‘today we will trick individuals, bare,’ prior to adding that they will arrange food in the buff and going out in open sans garments, as well.

Subsequent to tricking their companions strolling around the house bare, the audacious models choose to take off to the store for a spot of shopping.

No, we don’t have the foggiest idea why either.

Obviously, they are welcomed with stun by individual customers who can’t take their eyes off the buff pair.

At a certain point, Lauren inquires as to whether they can assist her with finding a particular sort of grain, to which she answers ‘path 16’ while attempting to keep in touch with the nervy model.

Not content with their sassy tricks, the young ladies at that point approach another male customer and offer him guidance on the ‘most ideal sort of oat’ as he does whatever it takes not to take a gander at their bare bodies.

Another bystander tells the young ladies, ‘that is a fascinating photograph shoot’, while another man can be seen furtively recording them.

The video is then stopped as the young ladies uncover they needed to ‘leave the store pretty critically’ as staff at the market took steps to call the police.

Just as setting off to the market, Lauren and Daisy likewise headed into a gathering with Lauren’s sweetheart and individual Youtube star, Adam Quinn, and his buddies who similarly can’t conceal their stun at their tissue blazing procession.

Quinn asks his better half, ‘what’s going on with you?!’ prior to advising her to get into some garments and going to a buddy to state, ‘brother, my young lady is bare.’

Dismissing the responses, the young ladies at that point proceed to answer the entryway to their home in the buff when an obscure man, who looks stunned surely, thumps it.

On their way to the grocery store, they visit Logan Paul’s home and when they inquire as to whether he’s frantic he answers: “For what reason would I be distraught? How is this a trick? This is amazing.”

You can follow Lauren Dascalo, @laurendascalo, and Daisy Keech, @daisykeech on Instagram.

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