YouTuber who kissed his own ‘sister’ appears to kiss his mom in new video

Prior this year, YouTube comedian Chris Monroe turned into a web sensation for a video which gave him kissing his “sister”.

Since being posted in April, the video has been seen more than 7,000,000 times and got more than 115 thousand abhorrences. Furthermore, rather than delighting in the reputation somewhat more, Monroe, who goes under the name PrankInvasion on YouTube, has gone above and beyond.

Presently, he has transferred a second trick video of him kissing his “mother”. Truly.

Tending to the media enthusiasm for his first perverted video, Monroe posted screen captures of its inclusion in different media sources in the prior second saying: “This video, we’re going to top my kissing my sister trick video. I’m going to kiss my mother. It feels so odd to state that however it’s going down.”

Monroe said that his plan to kiss his mother was unconstrained, and along these lines, he wasn’t shooting it on his ordinary camera, however his iPhone – so he was sorry for the quality.

Since a man kissing his mother is the sort of thing everybody needs to see in HD…

“Just thing is, I was intending to shoot this video not long from now it turned out my mother has a crisis, she’s gotta leave the nation,” he said.

“I was unable to get my ordinary camera charged as expected. This is the thing that I ordinarily shoot with, truly pleasant quality.”

“It’s possibly I shoot now on the iPhone or I stand by about fourteen days – and we don’t wanna stand by about fourteen days.”

Monroe at that point goes up to his mother, who is in the kitchen, and makes his recommendation by saying: “Mother, the video with Kaitlyn went insane, it became a web sensation and I just I need, I need you to do the snappy game with the kiss for me.”


However, he dissents by saying that it will become famous online and persuades her into a round of rock-paper-scissors. While she wins the first round, he promptly moves her to a second where he wins – and afterward they kiss.

While, honestly, this wasn’t the all out makeout meeting Monroe had with his sister, he indicated that there was more to come toward the finish of the video, telling watchers that the following video was “significantly crazier”.

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