YouTuber Survives After Fracturing His Skull Jumping From Bridge Into River

A YouTuber has been left with a broke skull in the wake of recording himself hopping from an immense scaffold in Texas.

Saa Fomba chose to jump from Austin’s Pennybacker Bridge in an offer to ‘pursue his fantasies,’ on Monday, November 23.

Nonetheless, the video stunt finished in an excursion to St David’s South Austin Medical Center, after the stunt turned out badly.

YouTuber Survives After Fracturing His Skull Jumping From Bridge Into River

You can look at his video here. Try not to attempt this at home:

‘Ideally this video will propel you to pursue your fantasies,’ Fomba says to the camera, in the blink of an eye before the hazardous hop.

‘I don’t see no fun in carrying on with an ordinary life. On the off chance that you knew my story, you’d realize how simple it is for me to bounce off this extension.’

He later added that the main thing he feared is if ‘individuals call the cops,’ anyway ‘it wouldn’t make any difference, in light of the fact that at that point I’m as of now hopping.’

The YouTuber seemed to request that a more odd film playing out the trick, which saw him climbing up the curve of the scaffold, prior to arriving at the peak at the top.

Fomba would then be able to be seen bringing his arms up noticeable all around and jumping into the Colorado waterway underneath the extension.

The wannabe stand-in would then be able to be heard yelling somewhere far off, inciting the ladies behind the camera to cheer and yell ‘better believe it,’ anyway Fomba conceded in the video that he was really yelling ‘help’ at a close by boat.

Luckily, the boat halted to help him, by pulling him on board and taking him to the shore, where he could be seen lying on the ground harmed, until crisis administrations show up.

The video at that point slices to Fomba, who is lying in a medical clinic bed, in the wake of learning he has broken his skull with the strange trick.

YouTuber Survives After Fracturing His Skull Jumping From Bridge Into River

‘What’s up folks, this is day three in the emergency clinic. I can walk, yet it would appear that I must alter this video in here and transfer it to YouTube in here, in the emergency clinic,’ he says.

‘I cracked a piece of my skull, draining a tad and I have a cylinder going through my chest and individuals are messaging me inquiring as to whether it was justified, despite any trouble. Nobody wished to get injured, however it’s consistently justified, despite all the trouble pursuing your fantasy.’

In spite of the fact that police showed up at the scene, close by firemen, it’s indistinct whether Fomba will confront any criminal accusations for the trick.

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