YouTuber shares video of himself kissing his ‘sister’ – and people are horrified

It appears to be there’s almost no in life that a web-based media star won’t share with their devotees – including their lip locking tricks.

One YouTuber has been the discussion of the web this week after he transferred a video of himself kissing a lady he asserts is his stepsister.

Watchers have been left inclination exceptionally agitated by the video, which was presented on the PrankInvasion account run by Chris Monroe.

Chris, who lives in the US, is notable for shooting himself pulling off clever tricks, however individuals aren’t giggling at his most recent video.

Named, ‘KISSING MY ACTUAL SISTER PRANK’, the recording shows the YouTuber at home, where he says he will ask his sister, Kaitlyn O’Connor, to play a game with him – and in the event that she loses she needs to kiss him.

Chris talks into the camera and state he’s been “following” his sister in the house for about 60 minutes, before facing her.

Reluctantly she consents to play his game and the final product guarantees that any future family suppers will be unfathomably abnormal.

Kaitlyn loses and the pair continue to make out in a room – and they kiss not once, but three times.

Since being transferred the video has been seen more than 1,000,000 times and has 74,000 abhorrences just as 15,900 remarks.

Watchers were left reeling subsequent to watching the clasp, with many considering how precisely it was a trick.

The mind-boggling supposition that will be that the lady isn’t really identified with him, yet is rather somebody he has employed for the video.

Yet, there are as yet the individuals who accept they are really kin and naturally they were sickened by the video.

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