Youtuber Puts iPhone X In A Blender Then Drinks The Juice

Every day we stray further from God’s light – and this is in any event incompletely down to YouTube. Take, for instance, this ongoing contribution from YouTuber TechRax, who mixes an iPhone X, adds some water and beverages it. Also, you thought the Tide Pod Challenge was as awful as it planned to get this year, eh?

YouTuber TechRax appreciates totally wrecking costly cell phones on his channel and has since posted such recordings as ‘what occurs in the event that you taser an iPhone 6 Plus’, ‘don’t pour moment hot jellyfish fluid on iPhone X’ and ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 9 mallet and blade test – will it detonate?’

It seems like individuals can’t get enough of it, as he has more than 6,000,000 adherents.

In his most recent video he hurls the iPhone X, which accompanies a strong £999 sticker price, into a blender – making the most costly squeezed apple ever (I am so heartbroken).

He starts the video by indicating his devotees that the new telephone is fresh out of the plastic new with positively no scratches or stamps… all things considered, until it meets the turbo blender, clearly.

In the clasp he says: “What I will do today is toss this iPhone X in a blender, shred it up to little pieces, blend it in with water in the little compartment, and attempt and channel the water.”

Furthermore, as should be obvious, in only a couple seconds, he has a totally pulverized an iPhone X. Awesome.

He gathers up a piece of the flotsam and jetsam, including the camera, into a bowl where he blends it in with water and makes the specific kind of grayish, foaming fluid that all aspects of your being instructs you not to drink. At that point he drinks it. But through a LifeStraw, a shrewd filtration gadget that makes water drinkable.

Notwithstanding the channel, he can’t exactly tolerate it and inevitably lets out the fluid. Reasonable play to the straw, the water looks quite clear, however TechRax says it left a ‘metallic delayed flavor impression’ in his mouth. Indeed, definitely mate, you’ve recently attempted to drink an iPhone. What did you anticipate?

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