YouTuber Max Lee Arrested For Naked IKEA Stunt

It’s 2019 and YouTubers figure they can do anything they desire don’t they. All things considered, Max Lee discovered the most difficult way possible even web sensations aren’t exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else, when he was captured for shooting himself wandering an IKEA store bare in the night.

He shared the video of himself strolling round the shop night-time. Lee is the child of a well known Taiwanese TV entertainer called Lee Hisng-Wen.

The 25-year-old was accused of obscene lead and unlawful passage, the Taipei Times detailed.

The evening of 28 October, he recorded his short-term excursion to an IKEA branch in Xinzhuang (Sinjhuang) locale.

The video, named ’24 Hour Overnight Challenge in IKEA’ shows the YouTuber remaining on tables, relaxing around on the couches and in any event, claiming to have a shower and utilize the latrine in the presentations around the store.

At a certain point, the trick even shows him sat at a room work area show with his jeans down, claiming to stroke off before a PC.

A caution was set off during the trick which implied that gatekeepers were alarmed, yet the slippery chap figured out how to deflect them, as indicated by the Strait Times.

At about 9am, he can be seen leaving the store, telling an individual from IKEA staff that he caught that he was an early client.

Totally unaware, the clueless worker reveals to Lee that morning meal isn’t fit to be served at the bistro yet.

At the point when he leaves the store, he can be heard saying on the video that the mission is ‘effectively finished’.

It’s all essential for the ’24 Hour Fort challenge’ which fundamentally implies that members must get to an area before it closes for the evening, trespass and cover up in a ‘fortress’. They’re at that point expected to remain for 24 hours, without being kicked out.

One individual remarked on the video inquiring as to whether he’d contemplated the way that an individual from staff could be in a tough situation over the penetrate of security

After it circulated around the web, IKEA revealed it to the police, who at that point charged him. As per police, Lee apologized and furthermore said his dad isn’t content with him either. He’s brought the video down from his social channels.

It’s not the first run through he’s caused discussion – it’s practically similar to he needs consideration or something?

A year ago, he posted pictures online of what resembled cannabis in containers and energetically applauded the advantages of smoking it – the medication is unlawful in Taiwan and ownership conveys a potential long term jail term.

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