YouTuber livestreams himself allegedly ‘taking a poop’ on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway

A YouTube star has appeared to livestream himself supposedly crapping on the garage of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home on Saturday, naming the demonstration a “tranquil dissent”, the New York Post reports.

The livestream, which has been creatively named ‘Poopalosi’, has been seen in excess of multiple times on YouTube at the hour of composing.

The occurrence happens about one hour and 17 minutes into the video above. Per New York Post, the video shows a man who distinguishes himself as Armando strolling through the roads of San Francisco searching for Pelosi’s home.

One there, he sets up a camera pointing at the carport of the habitation, remaining there himself for a few minutes before crouching and seeming to crap on the landing area.

“That was for President Trump.” A voice can be heard saying behind the scenes.

As announced by The Sun, the stream was observed live by 1,200 individuals, some of whom were sending the man gifts.

Talking solely to the New York Post, Armando – or Mando as he wants to be known – said that he is “not generally exceptionally political” and that his remark about Trump should be “parody”.

“I dread America is turning out to be one major torched city,” he included.

In a subsequent video named ‘I’m going to require an attorney’, Armando claims that he was confined by officials with the Bay Area Rapid Transit Police not long after the episode occurred. The capture evidently happened at the command of the Capitol Police division, an organization entrusted with ensuring individuals from Congress.

“It was alarming, man,” he stated, before proceeding: “They got some information about Kamala Harris, and about how I kidded on the stream that in the event that she lived in San Francisco I’d s–t on her home as well.

“They weren’t f***ing playing.”

A Twitter account professing to be Armando later apologized for the occurrence in a currently erased tweet. Per the New York Post, the tweet read:

“@SpeakerPelosi I realize you may not ever observe this however I need you to know, I implied no foul mischief yesterday when I did what I did. I’m not glad for it at all and I just might want for you to realize that. I have no hostility against you or anybody in a chosen authorities position.”

A BART Police representative affirmed the record to the Post, however didn’t give any additional data.

Armando likewise told the outlet that the demonstration is “not something [he’s] especially pleased with”, but rather trusts that his “serene dissent” will rouse people with significant influence to give more assets to the destitute.

“What better approach to show somebody the message, you know?” he said. “We need more admittance to restrooms, we need more admittance to assets around here.”

What’s more, Speaker Pelosi’s office and Capitol Police presently can’t seem to react to demands for input, the distribution states.

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