YouTuber Fakes Holiday To Bali By Having A Photoshoot In IKEA’s Showrooms

A YouTuber has uncovered she faked an occasion to Bali, Indonesia, by having a marvelous photoshoot in IKEA’s various showrooms.

YouTuber Natalia Taylor imparted to her fans various pictures that she initially asserted were taken on her vacation to Bali. Notwithstanding, she later proceeded to uncover that she had faked the occasion.

Instead of pay thousands for a rich occasion to the Instagrammer hotspot, Natalia flew into her neighborhood IKEA with a bunch of sleek outfits and presented in the different showrooms. Some way or another, they’re pretty persuading.

Natalia imparted the news to her fans three days after the fact through a YouTube video, where she clarified that she had deceived them all and had all things being equal, just utilized IKEA’s model rooms.

She summed up: “The purpose of this video is to fool individuals into accepting you’re somebody else.”

She added that the general purpose was to slam influencers who counterfeit parts of their lives, including ventures.

Natalia led the analysis on her Instagram page, where she geotagged different areas in Bali. She even utilized her companion’s genuine film from her vacation to Bali, to make it that additional piece persuading.

She said that everybody promptly started to “get it”, including her dear companions.

From presenting by a herbal print vanity to relaxing in a bath in her wraparound with a towel on her head, Natalia pulled it off – even with the unobtrusive traces of the real area she left in the pictures.

She uncovered that to provide her fans some insight into her stunt, she made a point to leave a portion of the IKEA labels holding tight the household items. All things considered, it creates the impression that nobody was focusing!

This Youtuber Pretended She Was on a Luxury Vacation in Bali, but She Was  Actually Filming in Ikea

Aside from this current, Natalia’s just concern was that her fans would lose trust for the YouTuber – notwithstanding everything being deliberate.

She said that the idea wasn’t “supported by IKEA” in spite of the fact that she wished it had been.

Up until this point, the Natalia’s phony Bali occasion has piled up more than 1,000,000 perspectives.

Snap the viral video beneath to watch Natalia uncover to her fans how she did the great stunt.

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