YouTuber Admits He Faked Girlfriend’s Death So He Could Stage A Séance

Demonstrating that there truly is no subject forbidden for YouTube wisecrackers, Jason Ethier – otherwise called ImJayStation – has conceded that he faked the passing of his better half so he could hold a blag séance to attempt to support his supporter check.

Any other person had enough of this decade as of now?

The online trickster, who has in excess of 5,000,000 supporters, mutual a passionate video a week ago in which he guaranteed his sweetheart – and individual YouTuber – Alexia Marano had been murdered by a tanked driver.

He followed up his first video with a second video where he professed to be in a commemoration territory for his ‘perished’ cherished.

While his watchers reacted with compassion, Jason chose to go above and beyond and transferred a video of himself utilizing an Ouija board trying to connect with his accomplice from ‘past the grave’. Jesus sobbed.

Nonetheless, Jason has since conceded that the entire thing was a fabrication and has apologized. He likewise uncovered that Alexia had cut off the association.

In the clasp he tells his watchers: “I need to begin by saying I’m sorry to Alexia’s family for getting them through any tough situations or worry over the passing of their little girl.

“I didn’t mean them to get any disdain or gotten them through any enthusiastic pressure including Alexia. I anticipated that the entirety of this should remain on YouTube and it didn’t.”

He proceeded to clarify: “I thought about faking Alexia’s demise and afterward doing a thing on YouTube expressing gratitude toward everybody and disclosing to everybody it was simply to pick up footing.

“Along these lines, we planned to state she kicked the bucket, at that point do an Ouija board video, which we did.

“At that point we would revive her and get more adherents. However, presently my better half is gone and I’m in genuine difficulty.”

However, in the event that he thought he planned to get any compassion in the remarks area then he was gravely mixed up, as he was pummeled in a great many answers.

One stated: “Exploiting children’s naïveté… lying about somebody kicking the bucket to an alcoholic driver when there are ACTUALLY individuals who passed on to an alcoholic driver… YouTubers have hit a record-breaking low.”

A subsequent individual seethed: “You’re a barbaric beast and merit everything awful that transpires, on the grounds that it’s everything on you.” Yikes.

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