YouTube Streamer Gets Punked By Angry Father After He Cat Calls His 15-Year-Old Daughter

There’s nothing more fulfilling than when one of these gassed up YouTubers meets their match and must choose the option to continue spilling as somebody greater and badder totally weakens them all alone livestream.

In the now-erased video, YouTuber King Aladdin films himself in the city of LA utilizing a selfie stick. He starts to heckle a young lady, not understanding she turns out to be the 15-year-old girl of Hollywood joke artist Skyler Stone.

Fortunately, Keemstar tore the clasp so this recording of King Aladdin seeming as though an absolute twat can live for eternity:

Totally love the piercing look and the “you just entered my reality” line. Extraordinary restriction to not crush the person’s face/telephone also, taking into account how arrogant he was continuing. Zipped it genuine speedy when the young lady’s father got in his face however. Normally, he continued running his mouth when he understood Skyler was too far to hear. Murmur…

The entertainer remarked on the occurrence after the clasp became famous online:

Legend. Totally everybody on Twitter was supporting him as well:

To be reasonable for Aladdin, he delivered a conciliatory sentiment video later. Not going to give him the perspectives yet this is the thing that he stated:

In this video I want to apologise to Skyler Stone.

I’m sorry for what I did to you the other night. It was embarrassing watching on my side. I’m sorry if I had ruined the night out with your daughter, I do apologise. More than likely I would have reacted the same way, whether it was my sister, daughter, whatever, I would have reacted the same way.

I’m learning from my experience in streaming. I want to become a good streamer and I’m learning…we all make mistakes in life and I’m learning from my mistakes.

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