You Can Now Enjoy A Michelin-Starred Meal From A Ferris Wheel Overlooking Budapest

Costes restaurant in Budapest began a unique dining experience but still with social distancing.

A Michelin-starred restaurant in Hungary’s capital offers a beautiful view over the old city from the Ferris wheel with a meal that you won’t forget.

A Fine Dining Experience On The Famed Budapest Eye Ferris Wheel

The entire thought was entertained last October. The tickets were 155 dollars for each person, and they sold out very quickly. Yet, this thought will bloom much more.

Coste’s restaurant owner Karoly Gerendai told Reuters:

“Now that there are not many people either on the wheel or in the restaurant because there are no tourists, the opportunity arose that we could do this.”

The innovative method to get individuals out of their homes for an awesome feast and the surprisingly better view is only one of many. Budapest’s restaurant’s success just showed that even if we were in the pandemic, there are ways to get by and still have meaningful experiences.

Coste’s restaurant is a combination of present-day European style with customary Hungarian influence and focuses on local produce and wine.

When the spring begins, you can anticipate that more Hungarians should avail meals on the Budapest Eye. The preliminary attempt was a success, however, it was cold, so it’s expected to be more normal over the hotter days.

The Tate Dining Room In Hong Kong Has Found A Slightly Different Approach

One-Michelin star restaurant Tate Dining Room added partitions and moved tables somewhere around five feet separated.

Moreover, the restaurant utilizes steam to clean the spaces between the visitors. It’s a hassle but it is all for the extravagant feast while remaining safe, an approach to maintain a sense of normalcy. Furthermore, we all need it now like never before.

Mediamatic ETEN In Amsterdam Went Green

Amsterdam expressions focus Mediamatic has set up a socially distanced eating experience where visitors sit in their own greenhouse and hosts wear face shields. The dining pods are isolated and intimate yet apparent and public.

It shows a ton of imagination and cares for one’s security, and regardless of being in a pod, you get the entire restaurant experience.

New York And Los Angeles Found Their Ways To Keep Customers

In New York, restaurateurs are going to open air space heaters. Californian roofs are changed into open-air eating desert oases.

It’s a well-known fact that numerous businesses are struggling. However, when we see these efforts and creative mind, it gives us trust that we can move away from the unbelievable reality, even if it’s just for one meal.

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