World Cup reporter shouts at man who tried to kiss her on camera

Júlia Guimarães was detailing from Yekaterinburg on Sunday when a man inclined in to kiss her on the cheek as she was addressing the camera.

(CNN)A Brazilian games writer was commended for her response towards a man who attempted to kiss her while she was revealing from the World Cup.

Júlia Guimarães was announcing from Yekaterinburg on Sunday when a man inclined in to kiss her on the cheek as she was addressing the camera.

As the man stepped back, the TV Globo and SportTV columnist halted her report and censured the man, who immediately stepped back.

“Try not to do this! Never do this again,” she yelled at the man, who can be heard saying ‘sorry’ in the clasp. “Try not to do this, I don’t permit you to do this, never, OK? This isn’t well mannered, this isn’t right.”

“Never do this to a lady, OK? Regard.”

Composing on Twitter, Guimarães stated: “It’s elusive the words … Fortunately, I have never encountered this in Brazil. Here it has happened twice. Pitiful! Disgraceful!”

“It’s shocking. I feel powerless and helpless,” she revealed to Globo Esporte. “This time I reacted yet it’s dismal individuals don’t comprehend why individuals feel they reserve the option to do that.

Guimarães said she was likewise pestered during the initial round of the World Cup among Russia and Egypt in Moscow.

She added that she had experienced various issues with undesirable consideration in Russia, going from forceful looks to hostile tunes.

Her response was praised by partners and the overall population.

Sports writer Paolo Antunes composed on Twitter: “The person is an absolute yank. A blockhead with the brain of a 13 year old kid, however Júlia Guimarães was incredible in her response.”

Luciana Boiteux, who works at the University of Río de Janeiro, added: “All my solidarity with correspondent Júlia Guimarães, hassled live on SportTV, while she was covering the World Cup. In the wake of evading the kiss, Julia cautioned: ‘I don’t permit you to do that to me. Never do that to a lady. Regard!’ The battle against provocation is of us all!”

Leiticia Arsenio likewise supported Guimarães, stating: “Here’s a fortification of the message to RESPECT WOMEN and congrats for the manner in which she dealt with the circumstance.”

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