Woman Who Sawed Off Her Own Hand For Insurance Money Gets Prison Time

A Slovenian lady who sawed off her own hand trying to dupe an insurance agency has been imprisoned for a very long time. Julija Adlesic, from Ljubljana, is said to have contrived with her sweetheart to cut off her left hand over the wrist with a round observed with expectations of accepting a $1 million payout. Lamentably for her, her arrangement turned out badly, and now the main thing she’s getting is a two-year prison sentence.

Young woman deliberately saws off own hand to claim £1million in insurance  fraud - World News - Mirror Online

As per Sky News, she was uncovered to have taken out up to five protection approaches in a solitary year, which raised the doubts of neighborhood specialists. That, yet her beau was found to have been investigating data on how counterfeit hands functioned admirably before Adlesic lost hers.

A big part of the cash would have shown up quickly while the other half would be paid in regularly scheduled payments. Julija Adlesic attempted to make things extra persuading by having her beau’s dad drive her to the medical clinic, leaving her cut off hand at home with the goal that it couldn’t be reattached. She asserted the episode happened when she was sawing branches.

Instead of concede that her incredibly absurd arrangement was undoubtedly deliberate, she actually demands that it was a mishap. “Nobody needs to be injured. My childhood has been devastated. I lost my hand at 20 years old,” the now-22-year-old apparently said in court. “Just I skill it occurred.”

By one way or another, when police discovered Julija Adlesic’s cut off hand, it was conceivable to reattach it, implying that she’s no without an appendage all things considered. It would appear that this was each of the one major exercise in futility.

Her sweetheart additionally got a three-year jail sentence while his dad will go to prison for one year. As Judge Marjeta Dvornik said after conveying the decision, “We accept the sentences are reasonable and suitable, and will fill their need.”

Woman Who Sawed Off Her Own Hand For Insurance Money Gets Jailed
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