Woman Weeps After Being CLEARED Of Having Sex With A 14-Year-Old Boy

A mum of three has been freed from engaging in sexual relations with a 14-year-old kid in the information on his age after she demanded she accepted he was 16.

Teah Vincent, 32, confessed to starting sex with the young person at her home in Glouchestershire however told the court how she accepted the kid was 16.

It was heard by the court how the kid and his companion, additionally matured 14, had been playing football close to her home when she welcomed them over for a glass of water.

Supposedly, she took one of the young men up to her room and stripped him exposed prior to riding him on the bed.

weeps uncontrollably as she's CLEARED of having sex with a boy, 14

Vincent was seen not as liable of purposely engaging in sexual relations with an underage kid after a jury of eight men and four ladies heard the case.

In the wake of hearing the decision, the lady posted a photograph of herself celebrating outside the court. She expressed: “Not liable. Much obliged to you everybody that remained behind me and trusted me it’s been the hardest two years off (sic) my life.”

She added: “Welcome 2021 for me and my children.”

The preliminary occurred at Glouchester Crown Court throughout the span of four days. Vincent was released by Judge Ian Lawrie QC.

The decision was made after new proof arising in the preliminary yesterday. As it was uncovered the kid had a bogus date of birth on his Facebook profile.

This data was uncovered by the protection legal advisors and was considered by Judge Lawrie allowable, along these lines set forward to the jury.

Mum cries as she cleared by court for sex with 14-year-old | Daily Mercury

Christopher Smyth, who was arraigning, told the jury that “during the conference, numerous issues were raised about the casualty’s Facebook profile which required examining”.

A screen capture was appeared of the supposed casualty’s Facebook profile and it demonstrated his date as 2000, which caused him to show up a lot more established than his genuine age.

The adolescent showed up in the observer box and clarified how he’d entered a bogus date of birth after he had been given a telephone on his thirteenth birthday celebration.

Supposedly, he stated: “I put a bogus date birth since you must be 13 to get to Facebook. This was on the grounds that I needed to get to games and different things straight away.

“I picked 2000 in light of the fact that 2001 or 2003 was ‘muddled’. I neglected to transform it when I got more seasoned. I have next to no utilization of Facebook as I fundamentally use it for games.

“I might have held up six days before I came 13 to enlist with Facebook, yet I decided to be 16 just about 17, for Facebook purposes.”

At the point when gone ahead what age he disclosed to Ms Vincent he was, he reacted: “I certainly didn’t reveal to her I was 16 going on 17.”

In Vincent’s proof, she stated: “I’m certain he disclosed to me he was 16 and I felt he looked a lot more seasoned. It didn’t happen to me that he may be underage.

“He unquestionably didn’t disclose to me he was in Year 9, or that he was just 14 preceding we had intercourse.”

Mum, 32, cleared of having sex with boy, 14
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