Woman spends £8,000 on supersize GG boobs, lip fillers and weekly spray tans to become ‘real life Barbie’

A WOMAN has burned through £8,000 on supersize GG boobs, lip fillers and week after week splash tans to turn into a “genuine Barbie”.

Jade Lyne, 25, first went under the blade matured 18 when she expanded her cup size from A to a GG.

Jade fake tans twice a week to maintain her look

She currently works all day selling recordings, webcamming clients, and running her OnlyFans page where she gives selective substance to endorsers.

Jade – who passes by “Barbie Jade” – has infused lip fillers multiple times yet plans to do it again as “they are getting excessively little”.

She additionally shower tans in her home tanning machine double seven days to keep up her look.

Jade, from Bristol, stated: “Barbie is a major icon of mine. I think she looks stunning and awesome.

She had a boob job at 18 to go from an A cup to a GG

“Despite the fact that I am kind of leaving ceaselessly from that a spot since I am doing all various types of looks now and not simply Barbie.

“I have had bosom inserts when I was 18 and went from A cup to a GG cup that cost around £8000.

“I have had lip filler in my lips around multiple times a couple of years prior and plan to get more lip filler one week from now ideally at long last as they are getting too little once more.

“I wear a great deal of phony tan and I do this around double seven days.

I do a splash tan at home with my shower tanning machine and I utilize a truly dull tan so I don’t have to tan each day.”

Jade before her transformation to look like Barbie
Before the transformation

Jade said she gets a great deal of commendation for her one of a kind look yet has likewise figured out how to overlook the negative remarks.

She stated: “I have gotten a huge number of remarks about my look, some have been acceptable and some have been terrible.

“I have been informed in the past I look regarding 50-years of age, I resemble a comedian, revolting, a state and any ghastly remark you can consider, I have been called it.

“I have likewise been disclosed to I look extraordinary, truly alluring, flawless, exciting, truly lovely, a goddess.

Jade has got used to negative comments about her appearance

“In this way, I get a great deal of truly decent remarks constantly on the web and when I am out.

“There is no reaction at all from me towards the negative remarks as I don’t get irritated the slightest bit.

“I have never and will never get injured by terrible remarks.

“I am so used to them and I am getting a larger number of remarks that are pleasant than loathsome ones as of late.

The 25-year-old makes exclusive content for OnlyFans

“There is definitely not anything somebody can say that will hurt me.

“My mum, shockingly, gets injured by it however on the off chance that she hears somebody state something when we are out.

“I have had negative things said about my truly dim tan, for example, ‘It looks dreadful’, ‘excessively dim’ or ‘you look messy/dirty’.

“I’m truly content with who I am, what I look like, my character and what I accomplish for work.”

Jade said her mum gets upset when she receives negative comments
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