Woman Shames Creep Who Told Her To ‘Kill Herself’ After She Refused His Sickening Advances

When are individuals going to learn? Act like a jerk via online media, and it’s the simplest thing on the planet to uncover you. Straightforward.

This washout named Dan appears to make a propensity for perving on young ladies on the web and afterward having a tantrum when they reject his advances, including calling them ‘fat’ and prompting that they execute themselves.

As of late, he focused on an understudy from Birmingham who was simply too glad to even think about playing his game and afterward share the screen captures on the web. I mean it’s insane that Dan couldn’t see this coming.

Everything started when he posted the word ‘grimy’ under pictures of the young lady presenting in her clothing. At the point when he understood this methodology wasn’t doing anything for her, he turned frightful.

Here’s the way it played out:

Exquisite stuff. Before long as Dan understood the young lady had sent his visit up strategy viral, he turned considerably nastier:

Erase the convo or I’ll send your family screen captures of the tie up stuff.

She answered:

Strange approaching a young lady for nudes at that point advising her to slaughter herself when she said no.

To which he stated:

I’ll allow you five minutes since you’re f ** faulty.

As the trade spread around the web, different young ladies who Dan had ‘drew nearer’ shared their own screen captures of his faltering efforts to visit them up, including this one by @_poppyl:


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