Woman Robs Mail Truck With Toy Gun Then Escapes On Tricycle

A lady was captured after she purportedly looted a mail truck with a pretend rifle prior to making off on a tricycle. Leida Crisostomo, 52, was accused of equipped theft and attack with a lethal weapon after police showed up on the scene in Collier County, Florida, WHTR reports. She permitted police to arrest her without episode.

Every one of them told police exactly the same thing: a lady was riding around on a tricycle and pointing a weapon at individuals. That is by and large what police discovered her doing, however they later found the firearm was a toy instead of the genuine article.

As per the mailman, Crisostomo directed the weapon at her and constrained her toward hand over a bundle from the truck prior to getting back on the tricycle and riding ceaselessly.

She then, at that point asserted that the voices in her mind were advising her to get things done. Ideally they got her some emotional wellness help as it’s unmistakable she was in emergency.

She was hung on $25,000 bond and anticipating arraignment.

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