Woman Quits Job Via Now-Viral Video, Employer Responds with Own Clip

Last Saturday, Marina Shifrin quit her place of employment in a genuinely novel manner: through YouTube.

The University of Missouri news coverage graduate worked for Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese organization having some expertise in strange CGI responses to news reports – some of which become famous online, for example, this one. However, as of Saturday, Shifrin is not, at this point a worker of the organization, having posted a video utilizing Next Media’s studio set to Kanye West’s “Gone” declaring her acquiescence.

In the clasp, Shifrin uncovers the explanation behind her leave: her manager “just thinks about amount and the perspectives every video gets,” making her occupation go from her fantasy mix of news-casting and parody to an unbeneficial attempt. Gracious, and young lady has some decent move moves to effectively express the idea. Wouldn’t you move as well on the off chance that you simply quit the place of employment you disdain?

The video turned into a web sensation very quickly, piling on 6.5 million hits as of Monday night and getting consideration on various sites.

However, Next Media wasn’t happy to let Shifrin have the last chuckle. Today (Oct. 1), the organization posted its own video reaction, copying the configuration Shifrin utilized in her own video down to utilizing precisely the same Kanye tune.

The reaction shows the rest of the representatives endeavoring to dissipate the idea of the organization as an awful work environment, in any event, bringing up that, despite the fact that there are no eateries close by the workplace so they need to have lunch at their work areas, “since we have a housetop pool and sauna we’ll call it even.” Eventually, true to form, the video takes note of that Next Media is currently employing, and gives an email address to invested individuals to contact.

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