Woman makes over $100K a year thanks to her long tongue

She’s licking up the preferences.

Online media sensation Mikayla Saravia has an unusually long tongue — and rounds up more than $100,000 a year displaying it on the ‘gram, regularly in explicitly interesting stances.

“A year ago I made a little under $50K — should be better this year since I’ve just multiplied that sum,” the Florida local reveals to LAD Bible.

The stunning 21-year-old’s tongue, which is 6 1/2 inches in length, is the primary explanation behind her supporter check of around 2 million clients. She additionally has several thousands additional fans between her other three Instagram pages. What’s more, that is just the beginning of her rewarding profession, she says.

“I do advertisements and adapt my YouTube and my application. I likewise sell merchandise on my site,” Saravia says of how she brings in her cash. At the point when she shares a photograph or video of herself, she’s paid somewhere in the range of $900 and $3,000. Moreover, she utilizes her application, KKVSH, to sell marked pop-attachments and T-shirts just as “longer than expected” iPhone chargers.

While the influencer’s mouth organ might be her moneymaker, she’s more appreciative to the one who made it: “My greatest motivation is my mother,” she says.

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