Woman ‘Killed Boyfriend By Zipping Him In Suitcase And Leaving Him To Suffocate’

A Florida lady was captured after she supposedly zipped her beau into a bag and left him in there to pass on. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office captured Sarah Boone, 42, on charges of second-degree murder after Jorge Torres Jr., 42, choked to death at Boone’s Winter Park home. While she guarantees it was a round of find the stowaway turned out badly, police emphatically speculate something else.

As per a Sheriff’s report got by NBC News, Boone’s story was that the couple were playing find the stowaway when Boone chose to zip Torres into the bag and afterward went higher up with him still inside, where she instantly dropped.

In spite of the way that Boone herself is the person who put Torres in the bag, she asserts she had no clue he was still in there when she woke up and possibly acknowledged when she got up to “various calls,” so, all in all she called 911.

Torres was inert when Boone discovered him, likely on the grounds that he was at that point dead. She chose to put the blue bag containing his body by the front entryway of her home, as indicated by WKMG-TV, which is the place where police discovered him.

As indicated by police, film was found on Boone’s telephone demonstrating the bag moving with Torres shouting for help inside. Boone can be heard reacting: “For all that you’ve done to me. F—k you.” He at that point says he can’t inhale, to which she says, “No doubt, that is your main event when you stifle me … Oh, that is the thing that I feel like when you undermine me.”

Something discloses to me this will be a pretty speedy case.

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