Woman Is Staging Concerts From Inside Her Vagina

Canadian craftsman Dayna McLeod is organizing a show in her vaginal trench. How? All things considered, it’s somewhat convoluted.

Dayna’s ‘Uterine Concert Hall’ venture includes her running a link from a different DJ stall into her vagina only a couple feet away, and siphoning music into her uterus.

Crowd individuals are then welcomed to tune in to the DJ’s music by means of earphones associated with the stall OR a stethoscope to ‘listen in’ on the show occurring inside Dayna’s vagina, and afterward look at the sounds and enthusiastic association they feel to the music.


Turns out they’re lining round the square to have a tune in over in her locale.

Dayna told the Huffington Post:

These audience members had a considerably more very close involvement in me over the earphone audience members.


All things considered, who needs a standard sound framework when you can simply get a stethoscope and tune in to the beats coming from this current psycho’s vagina, correct? Perhaps on the off chance that I shook up there and dropped a huge load in the road I could consider myself a craftsman as well. We’re all communicating all things considered.

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