Woman Followed & Threatened By Man After Complaining About People Not Wearing Masks On The Tube

Some total wet blanket followed a lady off the cylinder and compromised her, calling her a slag and a c*nt, after he caught her grumbling to her mum on the telephone about individuals not wearing veils on the cylinder.

West End entertainer Corrine Priest was sharp enough to whip out her telephone and catch the episode on film, prior to sharing it on Twitter over a progression of clasps. Watch the clips below:

Amazing, what an outright dickhead. Beginning a frightened female since you think she was explicitly singling you out in a telephone discussion to her mum? Envision being that hypersensitive.

Additionally what sort of bellend says “I am a scary individual”? Definitely perhaps with regards provoking unimposing ladies in the road, you’re the most scary person around. It is extremely unlikely he acts this route with somebody greater and badder than him. Truly, what an absolute washout:

As Corrine says, the police know what his identity is as does anybody around London who watched this video. Which implies it would most likely be a smart thought for him to wear a cover starting now and into the foreseeable future. Not that we excuse savagery or anything other than rather that is undeniably a smackable face. “I am a scary individual”… what a chime piece!

Obviously Corrine most likely was referring to him on the telephone to her mum yet even still, there’s no motivation to respond the manner in which he did. Ought to have acknowledged he was a viral video in the works as well. Presently there’s recording of him being a sexist slime ball on the web for eternity. Very much played pal.

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