Woman Faces Life In Prison For Shooting The Man Who Raped Her

When an Alabama woman shot dead her rapist as he tried to kill her brother, the state took no pity on her. Despite being victimized and raped and threatened with death, 32-year-old Brittany Smith now faces life in prison because Alabama has no sympathy for her situation. Although 38-year-old Todd Smith beat and raped her at her home in Stevenson, Alabama, in January 2018, and she took self-defensive measures, she could be locked away for the rest of her days.

Following the sexual assault, Todd threatened to murder Brittany if she reported it. However, she did tell her brother, Chris McCallie, about what happened. And he defied her wishes to remain silent. Instead, he barged into the Smith home to confront rapist Todd about what he had done to Brittany.

Todd refused to leave Brittany. That’s when things escalated. Todd (above) and Chris got into a violent fight, which forced Brittany to intervene. Because Todd had raped and beat her, she aimed the household firearm at him and fired. This gunshot ended the fight, and then Brittany called the police to report the incident.

A rape kit showed that Brittany suffered severe injuries from being raped by Todd. Nevertheless, Alabama charged the rape victim with Todd’s murder even though she only fired to save her brother’s life from the violent sex offender.

Brittany’s police interview was published on Monday because her lawyers want the public to know how senseless the Alabama prosecutors are acting in this case. Brittany is on trial and prepared to argue her case with the Stand Your Ground defense that is very popular in Alabama. This defense allows people to shoot and kill if someone threatens them.

However, Alabama has a long history of punishing rape victims. If found guilty, Brittany will not be the first woman in the state to be locked away after accusing a man of sexual assault or domestic violence. Often the victims get punished when they try to protect themselves and hurt their assailants in the process.

In the years leading up to the January 2018 rape, Brittany had struggled. But that month, things seemed on the up and up. She was recently divorced and still in charge of the lives of four children. Following a grueling custody battle, she lost custody of her three eldest children in 2013 because she struggled with substance abuse problems. But she had recently gotten increased visitation rights leading up to the violent sexual assault that was perpetrated upon her.

“I felt uplifted. Like, everything is going right,” she told The New Yorker. “I have a job now, I’m going to get my babies back, and I have a home.”

Then Todd (pictured), an acquaintance who bred pit bulls, broke down her bedroom door when she rejected his romantic advances. He choked her until she passed out, and then he raped her.

When he finished, he threatened to kill her and everyone she loved if she reported the crime. She didn’t listen to him. Eventually, her brother learned the details, and she had to kill Todd Smith to save his life.

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