Woman claims her parents kicked her out after she voted for Biden

A lady has taken to web-based media to guarantee that her folks showed her out after she disclosed to them that she had decided in favor of Joe Biden in the 2020 official political race.

As revealed by The Independent, the lady shared her story in a progression of recordings on Tiktok, beginning back in November.

Texas Woman's Videos Go Viral After She's Kicked Out Of Her Parents' House For Voting For Biden

The lady, named Jules (posting under the handle @juuldaism), begins one video by saying: “You better appeal to God for me since I’m about I’m to without any help ruin my relationship with my folks,” as she gets ready to make her choice for the Democratic up-and-comer.

In the video, you would then be able to hear her mother, 60, getting passionate and leaving the vehicle.

This is the second Jules’ folks discover that she decided in favor of Biden, and watch the political race results unfurl:

The following post has Jules disclosing to her 226,000+ supporters that she has been “abandoned” – with the entirety of this probably occurring before Biden had been reported as the new President-elect.

US election: TikTok star claims parents kicked her out for voting Biden |  indy100

In her next video, shared on November 8, her folks can be seen watching a live Fox News program on the projected political decision results with the words “Biden chose 46th President” on the screen.

“He didn’t win. He took it,” Jules’ father, 70, states, while his better half cases that Biden’s political decision win was “misrepresentation”.

Later in the post, Jules’ mom can be heard revealing to her little girl that she “decided in favor of this a**hole” and that her father is incredibly furious. It at that point chops to the Tiktokker strolling down the road with a gathered sack, saying: “I’m destitute. Decision in favor of Biden!”


im okay and I’m safe 💙 thank you all again, please don’t send any money!! I’m going to take the links off my page because idk how to feel (1/2)

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In one remark, Jules expresses: “In a real sense nothing feels genuine at the present time, this is totally crazy, I’ll update you folks as often as possible [love heart] thank you once more.”

In her next video, posted on November 13, Jules uncovers that she is “third-wheeling” and remaining with companions, yet is still without lasting convenience.

Jules at that point uncovered in a subsequent video, posted on December 8, that TikTok put her on a ‘Maker Fund’, which implies she will before long have the option to get a condo.

That being stated, it seems like Jules has had the option to fix her relationship with her folks (or her mom, in any event) as she shared a video demonstrating her taking a vehicle ride with her mother and her grandma a week ago.

Notwithstanding, both legislative issues Tiktok actually give off an impression of being delicate purposes of conversation, as Jules’ mother can heard saying that TikTok should be “tossed out” and that her little girl’s devotees need to “get instructed”.


so my grandma flew in for Hanukkah, and I didn’t see her during then so I agreed to see them😀, help #grandmatok #fyp #update #hanukkah #biden2020

♬ original sound – jules
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