Woman Claims Ghost Bruised Her B u m And Pin ned Her Mum To Bed

A mum and girl have asserted that a bare phantom has been threatening them for quite a long time in their home – in any event, exposing them to two actual assaults.

Leah Lewis, 21, from Burton-Upon-Trent, Derbyshire has disclosed to The Sun how she tracked down an ‘unexplainable 15-centimeter scratch’ to her left side bum cheek, which she accepts is crafted by an underhanded soul that has been frequenting the home she lives in with her mum Colette.

Woman Claims Ghost Bruised Her Bum And Pinned Her Mum To Bed

As though that wasn’t sufficient, Leah said that the imprint happened not long get-togethers mum was ‘truly stuck to her bed’ by the phantom and couldn’t move or represent two minutes.

Leah believes that she acquired the imprints subsequent to endeavoring to free the place of the creepy apparition. She said she’d called out ‘anything not of light or love isn’t wanted inside the house’ as an endeavor to exile him.

Nonetheless, she thinks it was this that made the phantom make the imprints on her bum, which actually haven’t blurred.

The retail specialist said: “My mum had an encounter where she was sleeping and out of nowhere she heard hefty taking in her ear.

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“She attempted to yell for me however she was unable to move and couldn’t talk and she feels that several minutes.

“Then, at that point abruptly I heard a man’s giggle. It resembled the soul thought that it was amusing that he had frightened my mum.

“I think I infuriated him when I advised him to avoid as when I got with regards to the shower I saw an imprint like I had been snatched or was actually gravely scratched on my bum.

“I was unable to have caught anything as I would have recollected – I stripped down and went into the shower and when I got out I saw it there.”

It’s clearly the zenith of a progression of occasions that have made the pair go the extent that bringing in a mystic medium to help them free the place of the soul.

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Leah thinks it originally spread the word about itself subsequent to frequenting her at her work environment in the Octagon Shopping Center in Burton. She asserted it followed her home and she had her first profound experience over Christmas 2018.

She said: “After the principal lockdown, something took off the racks at me, which protected to say frightened me a considerable amount.”

Credit: News Licensing/SnapperSK

Then, at that point in June after the two actual experiences, Colette chose to find support as mystic medium Ian Griffiths.

“I could picture a male soul who was tall and slim, he didn’t have a lot of hair on top and had a long dark coat with large boots,” the 54 year-old said.

“He appeared to be irate and disappointed, he presumably needed assistance getting over and when it didn’t occur he turned out to be more awful.”

Fortunately, since Ian has visited the house things appear to have quieted down, yet Leah cautioned others to move toward such things with a receptive outlook.

She said: “All I’d say is that you will consistently be distrustful until you’ve encountered this yourself.”

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