Woman accused of throwing bottle of bodily fluids through Taco Bell drive-thru window

Experts in Georgia are looking for a lady blamed for throwing a jug of organic liquids through an inexpensive food drive-through window.

Sheriff’s agents were called a week ago to a Taco Bell, where the head supervisor disclosed to them a unidentified lady tossed a jug of pee and defecation through the window.

Different representatives added that the lady inclined out of the back traveler window and crushed the jug of liquids at the drive-through prior to tossing it inside.

The lady was portrayed as perhaps being somewhere in the range of 18 and 25 years of age, with long wavy dark hair, wearing glasses and a white tank top.

She was supposedly in a silver vehicle with a potential South Carolina label driven by a unidentified individual of color.

The business was shut after the episode because of tainting.

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