Woman, 22, Who Spent £75k On Plastic Surgery Says She’s ‘Too Hot To Work’

A lady who has had an interest with Barbie dolls for her entire life has spent over £75,000 on seeming as though the genuine article and says she’s ‘too hot to even consider working’.

Barbara Luna Sipos, from Budapest, Hungary, claims she had to leave her place of employment when she was a youngster since men just got intrigued by a certain something.

The 22-year-old says her captivation by dolls began at a youthful age and her now ex forked out thousands on ‘dollifying’ herself.

She stated: “I generally needed to appear as though a dream character or a human doll.

“My first cherished memory is playing with Barbie dolls and I began my ‘dollification’ at seventeen years old.”

Glancing back at her concise stretch in the working scene, Barbara says the men she worked with would sexualise her thus she had no alternative except for to leave.

She stated: “At age fifteen, I began to function as an aide at a home operators, however the entirety of my supervisors and even the customers attempted to be sexual with me despite the fact that I never acted or dressed like a ‘airhead’ at that point, it was my quality and charm that made men insane.

“So I understood that this sort of work was not for me since I live in a general public where an appealing lady doesn’t have numerous choices to keep her work or increase a higher situation without giving men sex – which I didn’t need.

“It is on the grounds that we actually live in a man centric culture, similar to it or not. I am totally supportive of woman’s rights yet exceptionally ladylike young ladies like me shouldn’t need to manage men in the work environment.”

Matured 17, Barbara went under the blade unexpectedly, paying £10,810 for a bosom increase.

Also, from that point forward, she hasn’t quit, returning to her plastic specialist for two rhinoplasties (£9,009), v-line jawline and jaw decrease (£9,009), Barbie temple medical procedure (£9,009), a browlift (£3,604), a lip lift (£1,802), lip filler therapies for (£4,505), a Brazilian butt lift (£5,406) and Barbie vagina medical procedure (£4,054) – just for an all out expense of £75,227.

Barbara has since experienced a separation and is watching out for a ‘eternity spouse’.

She stated: “I am anticipating meeting my eternity spouse and the best thing about my look is that the more dollier I look, the more men are keen on me and I have more chances.”

However, while some may consider her to be a ‘airhead’, Barbara needs to show the world that she is something beyond her looks.

She stated: “The plastic airhead doll look doesn’t mean we are less smart and I wish to show the world that I am not gullible or idiotic.”

Furthermore, she is quick to caution others considering following her strides to fare thee well.

Adding: “Before any medical procedure, kindly do your own examination, plastic medical procedure accompanies countless dangers. One of my companions was in trance state and is experiencing serious mind harm, another companion of mine had blood harming.

“There are more terrible specialists out there than great ones.”

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