Weirdly, Boyfriend Doesn’t Take Too Well To Cheating Girlfriend Prank

In an unprecedented new development, a YouTube ‘trick’ caused issues down the road for the wisecrackers directly in the arse.

In the video, posted by DerekDeso, the person who was the survivor of the trick, we see his sweetheart, Lynette, and best mate, Ness, disclosing how they intend to arrange an outdoors shag in the passenger seat of their vehicle.

As Derek approaches, the two claim to get hot, shaking the vehicle as they do as such.

After discovering them, Derek, stunned, drops his shopping and advances over to Ness’ window, requesting that he ‘get the fuck out of the vehicle’.

‘We were simply tuning in to music brother,’ Ness argues.

It doesn’t work. Derek can be then heard swinging for the vehicle, rather dubiously behind the scenes, before Lynette escapes the vehicle and endeavors to quiet the two, presently facing each other in the city.

They clarify that this clear sell out of trust is only a trick, to which Derek fits and strolls once again into Lynette’s parent’s home.

It’s a solid token of that deep rooted saying: “On the off chance that you don’t need inconvenience, don’t profess to engage in sexual relations with your best mate’s better half for a YouTube trick, brother.’

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