Watch The Fastest Bare Knuckle Boxing Knockout In History In Just Three Seconds

It’s consistently amusing to see a first class athlete get taken out actually rapidly in a battle sports circumstance and this week it’s the turn of Donelei Benedetto who was taken out in only three seconds on account of Ulysses Diaz during an ongoing uncovered knuckle confining match Florida.

Bare knuckle fight ends with wild 3-second knockout

There’s not generally that a lot to state about this so you should simply make a plunge and watch the clasp beneath:

Goodness. I like the manner in which Diaz figured out how to toss two punches there yet just one of them associated so it’s viably a one punch battle. Benedetto is going to be totally gutted about that in the event that he actually acknowledges what planet he’s on once more. Man got seriously labeled.

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