Warrant issued for boyfriend accused of assaulting girlfriend after she appears to pretend to break up with him

WACO, Texas — Police have named a suspect and given a capture warrant after a rough popular video with almost 4,000,000 perspectives made a web-based media firestorm in Waco.

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton has recognized the suspect as Jamarion Reese and said the warrant is for a Class “A” Assault. Swanton said the examination verified that this was an instance of dating brutality and that Reese and the casualty have been seeing someone the previous two years.

The video, which was apparently recorded in March, seems to show a young lady tricking her beau by professing to say a final farewell to him.

The video demonstrated he reacted by tossing in any event 21 punches at her and leaving.

An individual off camera advised the kid to “chill.”

“Try not to jokester me at that point, brother,” he said accordingly.

WARNING: This video is upsetting and the web-based media post contains realistic language.

Waco police said different individuals sent them the video, and they began researching a week ago.

“Conceivably an irritated attack contingent upon her wounds,” Swanton said at that point. “Honestly, it’s pretty accursing proof. I mean there isn’t a very remarkable way you can quit saying it didn’t happen.”

In a Facebook post on April 1, Swanton stated: “We know about a video portraying an exceptionally savage attack that supposedly happened in our city. Starting a week ago, we opened a functioning and on-going examination concerning the case. It is acceptable to realize that numerous in our locale won’t acknowledge this kind of fierce assaultive conduct against ladies. Much obliged to you to those that drew the issue out into the open.”

KCEN Channel 6 contacted Waco Independent School District, and it said the young lady in the video isn’t one of its understudies. The area likewise said they couldn’t affirm if the kid goes to one of its schools.

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