Wanted Georgia man taunts cops on TikTok: ‘Come and get me’

A Georgia man needed by cops in association with a covert medication activity is insulting officials via online media, trying them to “come and get me bi**h,” video shows.

William Reeves Durga, 21, of LaGrange, posted a TikTok video Tuesday including a screen capture of a Facebook post from July 2 by LaGrange police requesting data about his whereabouts.

“Come and get me bi**h,” an inscription peruses in the video, which includes a shirtless, grinning and moving Durga alongside music booming out of sight. Starting at early Thursday, the recording for Durga @lildvrtyy had been seen more than 3.4 multiple times.

Police said Durga is being looked for regarding a continuous Georgia Bureau of Investigation covert medication activity that prompted seven captures in June. It’s indistinct how Durga is engaged with the situation. He was not in guardianship starting at early Thursday, police disclosed to The Post.

Gone after remark on Twitter with respect to his viral video, Durga noticed how it felt “to be popular” while blaming police for annoying him via online media.

“I wish individuals could truly perceive how this province functions, it’s past wrong,” Durga said in a private message. “Truly I haven’t been running like I expressed previously, they in a real sense haven’t contacted me at all, not to talk about my charges or anything. I can’t mention to you what it’s for precisely.”

A police specialist told the LaGrange Daily News Wednesday that the office couldn’t deliver any extra data about Durga, who told the paper he made the viral video after the office “straight impacted” him via web-based media.

“Truly, I’m not having any desire to transform myself into Troup County Jail,” Durga told the paper Wednesday by means of TikTok. “It is so terrible and brimming with Covid. They haven’t been doing the important things to keep it contained. It’s past packed, no one gets a court date, it’s simply unacceptable how the detainees are dealt with.”

Durga additionally denied attempting to evade specialists.

“I haven’t been running, they never went to my home or anything,” Durga said. “They straight shot me via online media, so I did it back.”

Police said Durga is around 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. Anybody with data about his whereabouts is approached to call LaGrange police at (706) 883-2603.

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