Walgreens Security Guard Has Hell Of A Time Detaining Shoplifter, Should Probably Find New Career

Correct me if I’m wrong, however filling in as a safety officer some place like Walgreens presumably isn’t the most generously compensated gig around, thus it truly raises doubt about what lengths you should be required to go to keep a shoplifter.

In the accompanying clasp, the safety officer puts all that he has into attempting to prevent a shoplifter from getting away. Was it enough however? See with your own eyes:

Welp, good grades for exertion, however sadly the convict moved away. I don’t believe there’s greatly improved exhortation than what the onlookers in the video were letting him know, which was to clear the person’s legs or possibly wrestle him to the ground through his legs. Rather he just continued bearhugging him until he got hauled that full distance the entryway and wound up so knackered he needed to release him. A significant L in anybody’s book, particularly when you have an entire horde of individuals prompting you and putting you under tension you actually figure out how to cockerel it up.

Indeed, even still, he presumably put in more exertion than his paygrade should warrant, so reasonable play for attempting. Whoop to every other person remaining around and recording as opposed to getting the helpless person out as well. Sure is a forlorn presence being a Walgreens safety officer on this proof.

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