Vlogger Screams In Pain As Octopus Clings Onto Her Face And Won’t Let Go

A lady stalled out all over, shouting in torment as she battled to eliminate it.

It’s a peculiar video, this one, and worryingly, I’m pretty sure that it gets in excess of a couple of individuals off.

I trust I’m off-base. Apparently, it’s not even marginally sensual yet I can’t shake the inclination that there’s a couple of individuals contacting themselves to the video of a young lady stalling out all over.

The lady, known as ‘coastline young lady Little Seven’, shared a video of herself the Chinese video-sharing site Kuaishou where, clearly, she tried to eat a live octopus to get more devotees.

Nonetheless, amusingly (if that is valid (which it seems like it is)), the octopus assaulted back, sticking to her face with colossal grasp, leaving her yelling in torment as she attempted to scam it.

From the outset, she’s very quiet, making statements like “look how hard it’s sucking” and “I can’t eliminate it,” however she before long begins to freeze as meddlesome the mollusc away has all the earmarks of being to a greater extent an enormous errand than she foreseen..


Surveying the minuscule cut to her left side cheek, she amusingly proclaims “my face is distorted.” She at that point, less entertainingly, says that she will eat the octopus in her next video. Poor guy.

Have a watch…

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