Video Shows Delivery Guy Eating Customers’ Food Before Resealing The Boxes

This is the reason you request pizza, individuals! Conveyance drivers can’t take a cut (well they could, yet it’d be pretty self-evident), and in the event that they took a fixing it’d likewise be truly perceptible.

All things considered, affirming a few people’s feelings of dread and doubts, a conveyance driver has been shot tucking into somebody’s food – what has all the earmarks of being several rice dishes – prior to popping the covers back on, resealing the pack and, probably, conveying them to a hangry client.

The video was caught by a nearby occupant from his overhang in Madurai town, in southern India. It unmistakably shows the man pulling up on his bike and opening up his stockpiling box. He at that point whips out a case of food proposed for a client, gets out a spoon and grabs a couple of good pieces.

Anyway, look at it:

Additionally, is it me or, toward the start of video, would he say he is leveling out the food in the primary holder, attempting to cover his tracks? In any case, it doesn’t look great (his activities, not the food, I expect the food was heavenly and that is the reason he really wanted to take care of).

Whenever he’s had his fill, the man reseals the container and set it back in the conveyance box prior to pulling out another container of food, grabbing some more, and afterward reserving it back in the case.

The video became famous online via web-based media and set off a warmed discussion on the job and duties of food conveyance organizations in the nation.

The man was working for Zomato, an online food aggregator in India, which has now sacked the conveyance driver following an examination.

It absolutely doesn’t look great. Of course, would it be able to be his own food that he brought from home? Perhaps he’s simply pulled over for a light meal of his pressed lunch before his next conveyance? In which case, this all appears to be somewhat unforgiving…

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