Ukraine Surgeon Shares Selfies With Naked, Unconscious Patients After Giving Them Boob Jobs

A Ukraine specialist has experienced harsh criticism as of late after individuals found he has been taking selfies with his oblivious patients while doing a medical procedure and sharing them via online media.

Fury as Ukraine plastic surgeon poses for SELFIES with naked patients  unconscious on the operating table after boob jobs and shares the intrusive  photos on social media

31-year-old Edgar Kaminskyi has been filling in as a specialist for a very long time, yet it’s as of late that he’s built up an energy for taking photos of bare ladies on the surgical table and putting them up on Instagram. Pretty hazardous pastime mate – I realize these ladies are likely just improving their tits to then post pics of them on Instagram, however presumably best to stand by until the scars have mended, yes?

Kaminskyi has more than 104,000 supporters, so it wouldn’t have been long until somebody addressed what the heck he was doing. Evidently he regularly shares when photographs of ladies with bosom inserts on the web. One of the inscriptions on his photos stated:

Our anesthetist gives a great dream, yet additionally a magnificent selfie.

Should’ve tossed a lol or rofl in there only for good measure.

Edgar Kaminskyi

Regardless of the entirety of the debate encompassing his pictures, it has not influenced his vocation or even the ubiquity of his web-based media accounts – this person actually has a holding up rundown of over a year. He should have some otherworldly hands in light of the fact that its absolutely impossible I’d jump on his surgical table on the off chance that I realized he planned to utilize my exposed, oblivious body to get likes on the web.

Having said that, obviously he does really make them sign a waiver structure before a medical procedure, yet. It just ain’t option to post that stuff on Instagram. At any rate stand by until the patient is alert and the medical procedure is finished.

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