UFC Legend Diego Sanchez Says A UFO Made Contact With Him While He Was Doing Energy Work

The current week’s UFO locating comes from the universe of the UFC, and it’s been accounted for by in all honesty UFC legend and Ultimate Fighter Season 1 champ Diego Sanchez.

Diego says that while he was outside an evening or two ago doing some “energy work” (whatever that is), a UFO “flew straight up on him” and “hoovered” (I think he implies floated) two or three hundred feet from him! Hold up!

Like he says, UFO sightings are moderately normal in Albuquerque, New Mexico, yet this locating was clearly outsiders making “contact” and watching him so he needed to impart his story to the world.

Not certain how genuinely we should take the person however, considering he likewise accepts that he lives in another measurement and assimilates power from lightning and rainstorms:

Correct, he says insane poop like that constantly:

Love it. Fellow is a complete liability! In spite of the fact that clearly I expectation his ramblings aren’t a manifestation of CTE like numerous individuals suspect and simply a piece of his insane character. Everybody in the remarks under his Tweet about being visited by a UFO is tearing the piss out of him, yet who knows? Perhaps the outsiders truly are watching him seeing as he’s so fresh what not. Diego Sanchez Vs an outsider in the UFC? Get it going, Dana White!

UFC star Diego Sanchez claims he was visited by UFO while sitting on patio  and 'it was watching me'
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