Two wearing watermelons on their heads suspected of stealing from convenience store

A suspect has been captured after police looked for the public’s assistance in recognizing two individuals associated with taking from a Virginia corner shop while wearing watermelons on their heads.

The Louisa Police Department said two individuals showed up at the store in a lifted 2006 dark Toyota Tacoma on May 5. They wore emptied out watermelons with openings cut out for the eyes into the store.

Justin M. Rogers, who was 20 at the hour of the wrongdoing, has been accused of wearing a veil in broad daylight while submitting burglary, underage ownership of liquor, and petit robbery of liquor.

Louisa police are as yet attempting to distinguish the subsequent suspect.

Client Barry Welch said he was somewhat overwhelmed when he saw the photographs.

“I certainly give them a few focuses for inventiveness. In a period like this, you could’ve worn any sort of cover, however to concoct a watermelon … ,” Welch said. “In any case, it wasn’t overly stunning being around here in Louisa. We’ve generally had some insane new stories going around.”

Candice Wendt, another client, stated: “I believe it’s absurd. Inventive yet ludicrous. The measure of work that you need to never really burrow out a watermelon to stick it on your head, I believe, is somewhat insane. For what reason would they do that? It’s so inept.”

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