Twitch Streamer ‘InvaderVie’ Faces Backlash For Shaming Broke Viewers While Asking For Money

Being a customarily appealing female in the time of web streaming is a flat out dream situation. No compelling reason to go full scale NSFW with an OnlyFans account (however that is incredibly rewarding), on the grounds that there are a lot of men out there who are eager to spend their well deserved $$$ to help Twitch young ladies who simply lounge around gaming and talking bollocks the entire day.

In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the watchers who don’t make any gift whatsoever? Are decorations like InvaderVie intended to put out this superb substance for nothing? No chance! On the off chance that you can’t bear to make a measly $5 gift, you’re an outright bum and she’s going to tell you it:

Wild stuff. The craziest part is that you can tell she 100% thinks all that she’s maxim. She believes it’s the most sensible contention anybody has ever constructed throughout the entire existence of humanity. I can’t help thinking about what number of her watchers she really figured out how to influence into making a gift in the wake of disgracing them for being destitute? Many in the event that you consider such a people who watch this shite when strict free pornography is a couple of snaps away.

Here’s the overall response to this clasp:

Can we cancel @InvaderVie and finally do something about people like this getting by with EVERYTHING because they look ”good”? Imagine asking to receive money from the ones who support you then shaming them if they can’t afford to? I’m tired of seeing shit like this monthly.

— D o r i 

@InvaderVie that’s a pretty disgusting, manipulative way of thinking you have there. Maybe instead of shaming and judging others you should look at yourself and see how you can improve yourself and basically not be the person you are right now.

— Frayed Fay (@Faisalthepisces) April 20, 2020

Yowser! No bueno. In the event that I were a wagering man I’d state an InvaderVie conciliatory sentiment is going to hit the web, conceivably when you read this. That is what any sharp Twitch decoration would do in the present circumstance, correct? Well perhaps not the ones who might disgrace 144,944 adherents for not having $5 to save.

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