Troopers find narcotics in bag labeled ‘Bag Full of Drugs’

Two men were not tactful in their arrangements to sell drugs in the Florida Panhandle, as per authorities.

The Florida Highway Patrol captured two asserted medication dealers after troopers pulled them over on Saturday and discovered medications in a sack named “Pack Full of Drugs”.

Troopers made the revelation after the men were pulled over for speeding on I-10.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office aided the inquiry of the vehicle, which turned up methamphetamine, GHB (otherwise called the “date assault” drug), cocaine, MDMA and fentanyl.

“Note to self-don’t deal with your illicit opiates packs named ‘Sack Full Of Drugs’. Our K-9’s can peruse,” the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office posted Monday night via online media.

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