Trans Woman Arrested For Using Craigslist To ‘Look For A Horse To Bang’

A lady was captured in the wake of being busted utilizing Craigslist to discover a pony to attach with.

The 32-year-old, who distinguishes as transsexual and was captured under her original name Donald Waelde, had conveyed an advertisement on the ‘Missed Connections’ part expressing she was searching for a male pony “on which to submit the demonstration of fellatio”. Net. The advert stated:

Donald Waelde craigslist

I am 22-years-old and I want to play with a male Horse. Simple as that. If you have access to a Male horse, and can allow me access to a male horse, then contact me please 😉 I will do something in return.

Waelde was told to the police after an authentic pony aficionado detected the advertisement and detailed it to the nearby specialists. Not long after the examination was dispatched, the police had the option to find Waelde and spot her collared for intrigue to submit inhumanity. Thank heavens that individual detected the promotion before Waelde figured out how to get her hands on a pony. Master understands what she would’ve done to the helpless thing.

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