Towel Fried Chicken? This Woman Got The Shock Of Her Life When She Was Delivered A Fried Towel Instead

Who doesn’t adore a plate of steaming hot seared chicken? Fresh, crunchy and scrumptious.

This lady from Philippines got the stun of her life when she discovered that rather than a delicious seared chicken, she’d been sent a singed towel!

Jollibee Issues Statement Regarding Fried Towel Mishap ...

Alique Perez requested chicken for her child from Jollibee, a famous inexpensive food chain in Metro Manila, which sent her a (possibly utilized) seared towel. It had a similar earthy colored covering thus when Alique attempted to get her child to chomp it, it end up being harder than she suspected.

She got the ‘opening up’ of the seared chicken on record and surprisingly shared it on Facebook.

Twitter clearly had a field day with the episode:

From that point forward, the video has collected over 87K offers and the inexpensive food chain, Jollibee gave an assertion saying the branch had ‘veered off’ from standard food readiness methodology and it has briefly closed down the café after the post became famous online. The diner shut its entryways later that very day, as per Metro News .

Jollibee closes Bonifacio Stop Over branch for 3 days ...
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