TikToker’s mom allegedly gets revenge on package thieves by p 00 ping in decoy box

A TikToker turned into a web sensation on the stage in the wake of sharing her mother’s offbeat intend to get back at individuals taking bundles off their doorstep.

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She c rapped in an imitation box.

The TikToker, known as @desticle or Destiny on the application, said a man has been taking her family’s Amazon bundles from their doorstep in Brooklyn, New York. In the video, which currently has more than 258,000 perspectives, she shared home security film of the supposed hoodlum trapped in the demonstration, with his canines following him.

At some point, Destiny’s mother was out shopping and perceived the c riminal and his canines. Maybe than let him off, she yelled out to him in the road, calling him “Amazon bundle c riminal.”

Evidently, the man was troubled with regards to being openly uncovered for taking others’ orders, since he made an appearance to their home once more, Destiny said. She then, at that point, had impact of her security film, showing the man returning to their entryway and taking extra Amazon bundles. He stuffs them under his shirt and has all the earmarks of being saying, “You see that, you see that?”

Accordingly, Destiny’s mother “took a p 00 p in an Amazon box,” covered it with a smiley face swell and taped the container up with a written by hand message inside. The message read, “Eat p 00 p! I’ve detailed you to NYPD.”

Two days after her mother left the unexpected box, Destiny shared an unforeseen update: some unacceptable cheat took the case.


Reply to @kinsleeandelin #greenscreenvideo The wrong thief took the bait🤦‍♀️now my mom is gonna have to sh!t in another box

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Maybe than get vexed however, watchers said it was a mutually beneficial arrangement in light of the fact that the subsequent cheat additionally merited what he got.

“The two of them merit it and sincerely ought to be captured,” one watcher remarked.

In another TikTok update, Destiny said her mother intends to c rap in another crate and leave it out again for any bundle hoodlums.

“Believe it or not. Cuz this c rap ain’t finished,” her mother said behind the scenes.

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