TikToker exposes how celebs like Lady Gaga treated her while she was their server

‘I wanted to like them but they were SO RUDE.’

Each big name is in danger of turning into the subject of a viral TikTok video at some point, particularly when the makers of said recordings are laborers who have overhauled them.

A TikToker, Annie Bond, who was a server at a “bustling Los Angeles eatery for a very long time,” posted a video on Monday uncovering how big names like Lady Gaga and Anna Faris treated her while she was their worker.

“So we should rate every one of the superstars I’ve looked out for,” Bond starts.

Bond gives Lady Gaga a 5 million out of 10 since “she recollected everyone’s names. She generally looked impeccable. She’s very decent. She’s a goddess.”


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Faris in like manner got a high score. “Anna Faris is the kindest, most magnificent individual alive. I wish she was my closest companion. She was so pleasant, just so inconceivably decent.” And for that, Faris got a 20 out of 10.

Furthermore, shouldn’t something be said about Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling? The TikToker rates a few a 11 out of 10, attributable to how affable they were. “Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes like nonchalantly walked around one night when it wasn’t excessively occupied, and they had their children, and they were so easygoing, thus exquisite, thus amiable. … I might want to be in their marriage,” Bond says.

The following “hot big name couple” didn’t get a comparably shining audit. “Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, who I needed to like so a lot, however they were so discourteous,” she says. However, Bond needs to assume the best about them. “Perhaps they were simply having a terrible day?” she adds. “In this way, one out of 10.”

Bond closes her video by uncovering that a “section 2” might be in transit in light of the fact that “there’s so some more.”

“To a limited extent 2,” which was posted on Tuesday night, the TikToker rates big names like Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore, both of whom got high evaluations. Reeves, Bond says, requested “twelve shellfish to himself, similar to it’s something easygoing to do.”

“He was so pleasant, so modest, paid for the (table’s) entire bill, tipped excessively well,” she says. “100% would kick the bucket for Keanu reeves.”

Drake, then again, got a fair evaluating of six out of 10 for simply being “fine.” “He drank rosé on ice. He ate a kale plate of mixed greens. He was fine,” she says.

Contingent upon who their faves are, watchers are either feeling approved or sorrowful by the data and are dropping solicitations on who they figure the TikToker should uncover straightaway. “I simply love the delightful way numerous individuals continue to affirm how incredible Lady Gaga is to individuals,” one said.

“Never heard anybody say something awful regarding Keanu. He’s the (goat) of being the most pleasant VIP,” another remarked.

“Noooo not judd and leslie,” a third said.

Laborers uncovering exactly how modest, liberal, discourteous, or decent VIP top choices are on TikTok is certainly not another wonder. Kylie Jenner was uncovered by a café leader back in July of 2020 for supposedly just tipping $20 on a $500 greenback. Furthermore, more as of late, Anna Kendrick was called an “malevolent chick” by a superstar beautician.

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