TikTok Influencer Covers Herself In Her Own Poo And Eats It

God this is so terrible. I truly don’t have any desire to compose this yet once I do, I can complete work and make the most of my end of the week in lockdown, sitting idle.

Indeed well the truth is out; there’s a lady on TikTok who calls herself ‘I Am Dung’ and I’m tired of it. I truly am. I have no clue about how I will make the most of the word here.

Purportedly, the lady began with her shtick of covering herself in her own sh*t and eating as a recognition for George Floyd – as per somebody on Twitter – which is entirely improper, however a look at her web-based media shows that she’s been working on this for some time.

I’m debilitated.

Not in a cool manner it is possible that, I’m simply truly feeling queazy. On the off chance that you watch this video – which is shitless – she kind of accounts for herself however in a manner I discover it totally additionally threatening at this point…

Presently I realize that this lady is quite computing and apparently, somewhat ordinary, yet where it counts she’s one of those individuals who eats in a real sense poo to check whether it poses a flavor like the food that she recently ate. God sorry I really think I feel wiped out once more.

She lives in a typical house. The dividers are white, which is disturbing and misguided, yet she likewise has a camera mount behind her, regardless of picking to film things handheld.

IAM DUNG (@iamdung6) | TikTok

For what reason would anybody watch her substance? For what reason does she believe that this is a thing that has a place on the web? Why would that be a thing that has a place in life by and large.

I simply need to relax. I need to have a brew in the nursery throughout the end of the week and not need to make content about a lady who covers herself in her genuine poop and afterward eats it.

I’m tired of tricks, yet I truly need this to be a trick.

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