Thousands Of P-enis Fish Have Washed Up In California

A great many penis fish have made their way onto the shores of a Californian seashore, cleaning up by the thousand in some pretty upsetting scenes.

Clearly, the fish aren’t really known as “penis fish” and rather pass by marine worms – and in some cases “fat landlord worms” – however for evident reasons, they’ve left the shore of Drake’s seashore looking like young ladies DMs in the wake of posting a two-piece picture on Instagram.

They truly resemble a bunch of dicks.

The fish appeared on Drake’s seashore – 31 miles north of San Fransisco – after winter storms, and are entirely basic on the West Coast of America, anyway given that the worms’ tunnels are typically underground, local people once in a while observe them.

You’d say something to that effect, wouldn’t you? The province of California would not be seen close to as impressive all things considered if those fish were consistently there.

The subsequent waves from the unforgiving tempests washed away a great part of the sand that the worms live underneath, which is what lead to them showing up on the shore of Drake’s seashore and sincerely? Set the sand back. They’re f*cking disgusting.

Knowing my karma, in the event that I put stock in the resurrection, I’d return as one of them.

You’d feel that the in addition to the side of returning as one of them would be that it would probably be over decently fast, however except if you’re eating in China or Korea (which is a thing there), you need to live as one of those gross worms for as long as 25 years. That is awfully long to be a dick.

“[… ] simply consider the many 10-inch, pink wieners squirming around only a couple of feet under the sand.”

Much obliged folks.

I feel somewhat debilitated.

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