This Uber Driver Get Busted Eating Their Customer’s Chips

It seems like there should be a hallowed tie of trust between a conveyance driver and a client, however when you consider everything, why the hellfire ought to there be? On the off chance that you’re a conveyance driver, at that point you’re simply taking something to some fat ass sluggish butthead who can’t be tried to go get it himself and chances are you’re not in any event, getting paid that well and they’re not even going to tip you. Conveyance drivers don’t owe their folks poo.

Moment A UberEats Driver Caught Eating Customer's Chips - LADbible

So it’s kinda shocked me that a particularly serious deal has been made about the video beneath. It comes from over in Melbourne, Australia and highlights a Uber Eats conveyance fellow pulling up to somebody’s home and diving into their fries while they sit tight for them to answer the entryway. They wind up figuring out how to wolf down the fries before they go to the entryway, yet even sadly there was no chance to get of getting away from the security film:

Watch This Uber Driver Get Busted Eating Their Customer's Chips – Sick  Chirpse

Better believe it I intend to be straightforward, I don’t generally get why everybody is giving this person trouble. Such an unwritten guideline that on the off chance that you proceed to get nourishment for somebody, at that point you will capture several their chips in transit home/any place you’re going – it’s simply the law of the wilderness. I ain’t going to despise on a Uber driver for chowing down on a couple for carrying them to my entryway. Fellow’s gotta eat and he’s likely so hurried off his feet he ain’t got time to stop for a spot. An OK with me however fam.

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