This Psychotic Teenager Is Convinced She Is Pregnant With Baby Jesus

A 19-year-old person named Haley claims she is pregnant with child Jesus, notwithstanding all the pregnancy tests being contrary.

Haley expressed she could feel her child moving, in any event, punching her stomach as she depicted her experience to Dr. Phil. She additionally said that she’s not walking out on the child, notwithstanding the ultrasound being clear.

She’s either eager for consideration or fanciful since it’s not the first occasion when that Haley made up a peculiar story. This time, it’s simply creepier.

Haley On Dr. Phil

While being on the famous television show, Travis Stork, an ER doctor, gave Haley a ultrasound. He attempted to clarify that the aggravation she was feeling isn’t identified with any pregnancy.

He gave a valiant effort to clarify that it’s simply a solid discharge she’s inclination, at this point Haley essentially answered:

“You can’t deceive Jesus.”

The not really pregnant Haley’s family reached Dr. Phil, and that is the means by which the teenager wound up on the show. The family doesn’t really accept that the lady since this wasn’t her first large falsehood.

Beforehand, an undiscovered teenager guaranteed that she’s Eminem’s little girl, an ‘America Idol’ hopeful, and a kidney giver.

However her mother just marked her as a liar, obviously the young lady has some serious issues. Meanwhile, Hayley is getting ready to be a mother, and as she told on the television show:

“I know it’s Jesus. I couldn’t care less if my family abandons me. It truly comes down to in case you’re a genuine devotee to Jesus or not.”

Look at the video, and see it for yourself:

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