This Obsessed Girl Is Now Dating Her Celebrity Crush After Stalking Him Online For 5 Years

In a story that will 99.9% end in a tears, a fan young lady who has been fixated on Disney’s Jake. T Austin (me not one or the other) in the course of the most recent five years is presently in a real sense living her most extravagant fantasies by dating him.


21-year-old Jake is generally celebrated for his part as Max Russo in Disney’s Wizard of Waverly Place close by Selena Gomez.

Danielle Caeser, 22, has been a super-enthusiast of his from that point forward, pursuing him around the nation at meet-and-welcomes and sending him a torrential slide of praises via online media consistently throughout the previous 5 years. Here’s the sort of stuff she’d send him:


Rather than having a word with his security or in any event, being distantly worried about it by any means, Jake really began dating her, in any event, sharing the confirmation on his own Instagram page:


Simultaneously, he sent the remainder of his young fans into a desirous craze while likewise giving bogus want to all the young ladies out there fixated on Justin Bieber and One Direction:


Incredible. I can’t accept the “tail him on the Internet for a very long time” approach really worked. It’s the ideal cutting edge romantic tale. The Internet is loaded with failures like Danielle Tweeting their number one big name smash, trusting they’ll see them, and here’s Danielle coming through and really securing her VIP pulverize. That is some genuine motivation for all the VIP fixated insane people out there.

P.S. No way a female big name actually begins to look all starry eyed at some weirdo who Tweets them relentless for a very long time. It’s diverse for folks however. Jake T. Austin realizes that NOTHING is forbidden in the room with a young lady that gives that much time and thoughtfulness regarding getting you to see her.

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