This Kissing Coffee Cup Lid Is The Answer For Lonely Singles Everywhere

Two of life’s most prominent joys are an every day mug of espresso and kissing somebody pleasant. While espresso is pretty generally accessible any place you are on the planet, it’s not generally conceivable to bolt lips with somebody, particularly in case you’re miserably single. Fortunately, Jang WooSeok has your back—he’s made an espresso mug cover that will kiss you back.

As WooSeok clarified on his Behance page about his development, “I love both espresso and kisses. I generally have espresso daily, yet can’t [always kiss someone].” He clarifies that as opposed to placing a straw in the espresso mug, you will connect with the human face on your espresso cover for a “outwardly amusing and genuinely unique” espresso experience.

WooSeok conceded that the nose wasn’t important for the underlying model, however without it, the kiss simply wasn’t exactly right. Subsequent to adding the nose to the expendable top, everything began meeting up. The plan was a blend of two objectives: looking well disposed and taking after Ancient Greek sculptures. Job well done, I’d state!

On the off chance that you’re concerned that WooSeok is somewhat unpleasant, unwind! As a general rule, he realizes how funny it is and that is essential for his motivation. He needs to carry grins to individuals’ faces, which is the reason he included the additional dash of the “Alert: I’m hot” message on the cover, which gives an entire diverse significance to the exemplary notice since, you know, you’re locking lips with it.

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