This Guy Decided To Scare His Boss Every Day ‘Until He Gets Fired’

A man chose to trick his supervisor consistently until he gets terminated, recording his entertaining endeavors en route.

The video, which was posted on TikTok, shows the ordinary looking working environment, with the inscription: “Startling my supervisor consistently until 5k or I get terminated.”


its Friday so figured I’d give you guys an extra video 😅 #work #prank #scare #boss

♬ original sound – Zack Galvin

He begins with the work of art – take cover behind a door jamb and leap out, giving his supervisor a little fear.

He proceeds to dress as a T-Rex, which gets a little chuckle – yet you can advise his supervisor is starting to become somewhat ill of it.

The person advances, getting himself a versatile confetti gun.

He at that point begins to make contraptions to take his supervisor leap, including appending an inflatable to the rear of the entryway, with a sharp item adhered to the divider it opens out on to.

This Guy Decided To Scare His Boss Every Day 'Until He Gets Fired'

Posting his recordings on TikTok – anything for dem likes, ay – he even approached individuals for thoughts for how to truly p*** his manager off.

One individual remarked on his post one day, saying: “Get a Bluetooth speaker and put it under his table. At that point play the tune ‘I FEEL GOOD’ and observe his response.”


this is for throwing water at my face @vengfulboss 😆 @thecoldestwater #work #boss #prank #prankwars #thecoldestwater

♬ original sound – Zack Galvin

had to stay home today but figured I’d post this with a sound since it matches so well 😅 #work #prank #boss @thecoldestwater #thecoldestwater

♬ original sound – Shardonay💖

It’s at this stage it become evident that this current fellow’s exhausted supervisor is either a messed up man, his sensory system has gone, or he has quite recently been totally desensitized to uproarious commotions.

Credit: LADbible/@zackgalvin

The person doesn’t recoil.

Indeed, he’s grasped the entire thing, and gestures along until it closes.


so grateful for this video, only thing I would have done different was untuck my shirt 😅 #ohno

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

His undeniable depletion turns out to be clear when he succumbs to a seat manipulated with an air horn.

In the wake of hopping up out of his adjusted seat, he says – in what is right around a snarl: “I f***ing scorn you.”

Day 15 sees him consider his worker a ‘fing aole’.

In any case, on Day 16, rather than reigning it in, he goes all out by blowing a small scale leaf blower in his manager’s face as he goes into the room.


back to work tomorrow after a couple days off, new series starting! now tell me why he hit this pose 😂

♬ Super Mario Bros. – Sideviewer

Obviously he’s arriving at limit, with the following video liable to show possibly him an apprehensive wreck on the floor or the start of a manslaughter case.

All things considered, he just reports he’s chosen he’s had enough, saying he will return home.

God favor representative rights.


he should have retraced his steps 😆 #theoffice #work #boss #pranks #comedy @vengfulboss

♬ The Office – The Hyphenate
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